Tools for Healing

I am in you;

You are in Me;

And we are one.

I love you, I thank you and I bless you.

Welcome to the world of Return to Zeropoint, a system of grand energy and the blessings of the Universe.

Is the Weight of the Transformed World Upon Our Shoulders?

In a manner of speaking, it is, but our first responsibility is always to self.  As we clear and clean with the methods of Return to Zeropoint, the world we experience is rapidly transformed in ways that we can’t imagine until we experience it.  Our goal is to aid one another in building that  World of Transformation, only doing so by beginning within.  We do it by remaking our own reality.  This is what our higher self, our spirit, or our soul is calling upon us to do.  It helps to aid the soul in an evolution that can relieve your burdens, pain and fears.  Your job is to help you to make a better reality for YOU, because YOU are vitally important, and when you resonate with a well-deserved joy, the whole world becomes a sweeter one, not just yourself, but for everyone.

However large; however small; no one can determine your true potential except you. Without you finding your true and peak potential, the foundations of that Transformed World will be weaker and prone to crumbling under the pressure of others who resist change; that want to maintain the status quo.  They don’t want change in you, because if you change, then they have to roll up their sleeves and change themselves too.  Oh no, they don’t want to work hard, it seems to be a daunting task, but the truth is quite different.

Yes, it seems at first as if this can be an overwhelming task.  What if you fail? Oh my! Is all hope for a better life really lost?  Well, isn’t that how you feel?  Reading this, don’t you feel that the weight of the Transformed World is on your shoulders and that you wonder if you’ll be up to the task before you?

For you, I suggest viewing this task as though you are worth the results in can and does bring about.  For others, it is not our job or our responsibility to convert their thinking.  It is essential that we learn to Love them where they are; Accept them as they choose to be; and Allow them the time and opportunity to see for themselves how life is worth all they can give it.

A Transformed World is really coming with or without our contribution. It can get here a little sooner and a lot sweeter with your help. It may even be a little better. But whether you do or you don’t, it will arrive in Perfect Order and in proper timing, when people are ready for it.

The readiness of our world to receive it has little to do with our specific and individual contribution. It’s a function of our combined energies — the energy of our consciousness — manifesting a reality that will create the experiences it needs to evolve further.  We begin one person at a time.

Energy? Consciousness? Evolving? Experiences? Am I kidding?

No, not at all.  I don’t have time to kid about this.  I am very serious.

You see, we are responsible for building the reality we come to know.  Yes, we are 100% responsible.  Each of us; the strong; the weak; and the brilliant and the not so well educated.  Each of us is a brick in the walls of this Transformed World or at least this transitional world that we live in.  Hey, I’m not here to increase your burdens.  I want to help you to lighten them.  It is a pleasure and a joy right from the start.  With every step, the burdens of life begin to become lighter and more transparent.

The way in which we effectively change the energy of this planet is to begin educating one person at a time; and to learn well how to control and project a more desirable reality, one that is well intended and less selfish; one that is less egocentric and with a great sense of hope.  Can we begin to remove the pain of making the same mistakes over and over again?  YES WE CAN!  It is a joy, right from the beginning.  This work is never hard.

What can we possibly teach you how to achieve?

  • Learn who you really are.  You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.
  • Learn personal spiritual cleansing, stress reducing and attunement techniques.
  • Neutralize the hidden issues that weaken and injure the life you live.
  • How to create positive and fulfilling relationships of all types.
  • Discover your unconscious beliefs that sabotage and undermine your goals.
  •  Learn how to be your own psychic, therapist, and counselor.
  • How do we experience a past life and understand how it continues to influence you?.
  • Learn how to meet and communicate with your Spiritual Helpers/ Angels / Guides.
  • Learn about intellect and feelings /conscious vs. unconscious thoughts.
  • Discover your four spiritual senses / your Psychic Gifts.
  • To shield ourselves against negativity.
  • Gain a new sense of self-reliance, self-confidence, self-empowerment and inner peace
  • Discover your life plan and purpose.
  • The keys to rectify life and energize you instantly.


I am Robert Ray, author of Return to Zeropoint II, published by Balboa / Hay House. My books are the inspiration of my Guides and the culmination of my heart; my desire to help others to release the chaotic memory that can cause continual pain and problems for us, both  internally and externally. We do project all those emotions into others and they really influence and form the future  experiences that we have. I fully realize that this concept is probably challenging to your current view and beliefs of reality. It certainly was challenging to mine.

Have no fear!  I can prove it to you, and I will teach you in simple terms how to make your life into a life of joy? What if I told you that I could teach you how to remove the pain associated with prior loss of loved ones, money, relationships, disappointment, fears and hurts? This is what we do every day with Ho’oponopono, and my Return to Zeropoint methods are expanded. It is really something that I am greatly appreciative for having learned, and I am sure and certain that you are going to feel the same as I do.  We change lives and we change circumstances that affect lives.  It is really an amazing thing, to create miracles in our midst.

Ho’oponopono is not a religion. Ho’opnopono is not challenging to any faith or disbelief in God that you may have. We all acknowledge the presence of an inner spirit.  That is what we work with, that inner spirit, and it really does a fine job of helping us smooth out our problems in life.

Return To Zero Point 2 - BookProblems will always occur in life. If you are schooled in our methods, then how you handle those problems will never be the same again. A problem is really an opportunity.  It becomes a light bulb, illuminating a chance to change and transform the core of the problem residing within our mind, so that we are set free.  Amazingly, it most often frees others trapped within our reality too.

It’s easy to do.  It’s not a difficult or cumbersome practice.  I will teach you how, and why, because you deserve to know how things really work in this new reality. So, there is theory to learn, but it is enjoyable to learn and we learn great concepts.  Spirit actually opens up to teach us all something new each time.  We learn to open up to new truths, truths that fully and completely prove once and for all that the reality we have believed for a lifetime was never what we thought or believed it to be at all.  Victim mentality just erases from our lives and here’s the best part: Ego relaxes and goes back into place.

Give me one day of your life, and I promise to teach you the very skills that have set so many people free. When you hear the stories of so many people, it will surprise you beyond your wildest imagination, and you will revel with me in the accomplishments that are within our grasp. That one or two days, depending upon the program you attend, will turn out to be the promise of a future that you have never believed to be possible before. I will deliver the goods, the tools, and the gift that will make your life more peaceful and joyful. My gracious Guides have given me a unique method of helping your grasp these challenging concepts, and this is what sets us apart from other Ho’oponopono.

Clear & Clean
The process is relatively simple, yet the theory behind how and why it works is a bit more complex.

1. Recall your resistance, or recall your problem.  List it on a piece of paper.

2. Below the problem, list the emotions you recall when you revisit that problem.  Does it make you feel sad, angry, hostile, weak, poor, judged, etc.  You get the drift?  Dig for those emotions.  Be HONEST about it.  Recalling as much as you possibly can makes you more successful at this.

3.  Once you have completed the identification of your emotions, focus on them and begin using the Ho’oponopono mantra.  You are stating these to your higher self, the Amakua within YOU.

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

Repeat this, either out loud or silent, but repeat them until your emotions fall flat and provide no more response within you.  When that is done, you are clear and clean.  I suggest burning the paper with the problem on it.  It is highly symbolic, but effective.

30 Responses to Home

  • last nights class at my big picture cafe was amazing. the class was one of the most powerful ones yet. we cleaned and cleared on so many deep and personal issues. it truly was a life changing experience . it was a wow. bless you Robert for helping us change our lives.

    • Paul, thank you for your comments and for your faith in our Return To Zeropoint methods. Those of us that use the system know it works, but getting the word out there is something we need to improve upon. People deserve the main gift in life that is sought after: HAPPINESS. This is a sure fire way to find it.

  • I came across your book via a tweet someone sent out and like the way you detail the process above. I have read a couple of books on Hooponopono and am reviewing one for my blog right now but I like the fact that reviews on amazon say you really help with the emotional side of life. I find many of the books focus on the issue out there that is inside and we are responsible for but does not say much about how to deal with emotions inside that just bubble up. Does your book detail this more?

  • If you ever are looking for someone to do a blog review on your book I would be happy to. I have over a 1000 followers on twitter and tweet my reviews & blog posts regularly @magichappensxx

  • Dear Kelly and all of you,
    Allow me to make this one thing very clear to you. The garbage we store in our memory is emotion. Those emotions keep playing over and over again, pointlessly wreaking havoc upon our reality. It’s only emotion that we have to clean. We can’t clean a memory without a lobotomy, and we don’t want to lose memory, but the emotion attached to the memory of many of lifes disappointments. Fear is an emotion often attached to a memory, and it is a destructive one. Hurt happens in life, but we can’t stay in that space so we morph it into anger to get out of the chokehold of being hurt. Anger is toxic and it is an emotion. We must “launder” these emotions and remove the ability from them to project into our future. As we clear and clean them, we strip off layers of baggage that weighs down life. We liberate our lives from pain and create space for many wonderful attributes to surface, such as inner peace, harmony, new found psychic ability, etc. I am the captain of my ship. I will not weigh myself down with extra pointless and damaging emotion.

    I sincerely hope that this clears up so much about Ho’oponopono.
    Robert Ray

  • Hello Robert, I just read your book and have been practising ho’oponopono for about a week, but things are getting worse. We have been struggling with our health, our finances and the fear of everything else. I will continue doing ho’oponopono of course, but could you please explain why things are getting worse? I have MS, my husband has more serious health issues, my oldest daughter is a heroin addict and lost all her kids and my youngest is …. well struggling with loss almost daily. Just yesterday her car, our only transportation was impounded because she was driving with no insurance. I’m terrified of becoming homeless again. Could you add us to your list of ho’oponopono prayers? Thank you for your help, Rhonda

  • Hello again Robert,
    I sent a message earlier but it isn’t appearing on the screen. Anyway, what I asked was why do things seem to be getting worse? I read your book ” Return to Zero Point” and have been using the cleaning techniques you taught, but I’m so overwhelmed by ALL our problems I don’t know where to focus. I have MS, my husband has even more health problems, we’re financially destitute, One daughter is a heroin addict and the other just had our only mode of transportation impounded because she was driving it with no insurance. I’m at a loss, overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. Can you add us to your ho’oponopono list and give me some advice on what else I can be doing?

    P.S. I loved your book. It has been the best I’ve read on the subject so far. I Love you and thank you, Rhonda

  • Ronda, please don’t despair, and do not give up. List your problem on a sheet of paper. Put your emotions under that and clear and clean on the emotions. Do not fixate on an outcome. Just think of your emotions. Ho’oponopono cannot do anything to make problems worse for you. It is NOT magic, and it is not meddling in events in any evil manner. You are NOT FORCING change. You are removing toxic memories and emotions. Look at fear, clean on it. Look at anger, clean on that. Look at terror, clean on that. All these emotions are dictating your circumstances. Get them out of your current thought process by clearing them. This will begin to alleviate some problems.

  • It was a supreme pleasure to meet you today and I look forward to getting to know you better.

    I will be calling you after the holidays!

    Michelle Jensen of MyCity Beauty Health and Wellness

  • Read your book twice already. It mentions a wand, but nowhere does it mention how to make one or how to use it. Please let me know. Your book was certainly an inspiration. Thank you.

    • The Wand is something that I have sold in the past. No one currently makes any wand that is comparable to the one they made for me. Lots of people make claims and I have spent a fortune, but no one has anything to compare after I have spent about 1,000.00 testing countless wands. I will enter into a contract and have them manufactured once again. I will certainly let you know.

      • May I suggest making your own wands just with your intention to infuse them with the ho’oponopono cleaning words, tools and prayers ! I haven’t bought any wands I have seen and I know that one you create yourself is perfect for you and your inner child. Simply grab anything you can use as a wand and work the energy for yourself … I am sure Roberts wand would be magical and divine also.

  • I came across your book when Iwas reading Zero Limits, your book was in there so I went on Amazon and found it and I am grateful to you for writing this easy to follow account of Ho’oponopono. I am looking for your workbook though, I live in Canada and there are no places around to take a sminar here. I would also like to find the clearing wands and also the ceeport stickers mentioned in the Zero Limits book. If you can assist me in any way I would be so grateful, I have started to use the Ho’oponopono techniques and am very impressed with my results so far. I look forward to grateness as I continue the process. Thanks for you help I love you, I thank and I bless you. Sue

    • Sue, I too am amazed that the books I have reviewed seem to not clearly state what Ho’oponopono is or how to easily do it. Clear and Clean and see how beautiful your life will blossom from it. I wish you the very best.

    • Sue, I am in the process of writing my next book, which will be a complete guide to Ho’oponopono and a workbook all in one. It will have much more information too, on how to reassess our concept of self-love and loving others. This book to come will have tremendous ability to heal, right from the outset. My guides and the committee that have been assembled from within the Akashic Records, to help me to write this new book, are amazing me beyond what my words here will ever convey. I hope you will consider it when it is available.

  • Hello Robert

    Thank you for the wonderful book. It has greatly helped my understanding of Ho oponopono and Return to Zeropoint after reading so many different books. I will need to read again to fully grasp the exercises. I wondered if you could inform me which Zeropoint wand I could purchase and the Zeropoint workbook. Do you sell them on your sight.

    Again, a wonderful book and awaiting the next!!!!!! I will inform you of anything that I have been successful with clearing. I have problem with my middle toe and have been trying to clear it for months, but to no avail. Could you explain what I could do?

    Blessings, Thank you,

  • Hello Robert
    Thank you for the book. Where can I purchase the wand please.


    • Hello Heather,
      I will be making more wands, and as soon as they are available, I will place them on this site for sale. They are awesome devices, and have a profound impact on many things. Thank you for your interest. Until you have a wand, please use the three statements relentlessly for anything from physical pain to charging your foods by repeating the three phrases: I love you; I thank you; I bless you.

  • I have been using Hooponopono techniques for the last few years. I downloaded your book for my Kindle device and it has given me new perspectives.

    I hold the paper listing the problems in my hands while chanting the statements and it works.

    • Dear Rajesh, I am flattered that you purchased my book. I am so happy you find my system working well for you. It is a “no fail” Ho’oponopono approach, and has transformed my own life in ways that are awesomely successful. I wish for you to have much continued success, and again, I thank you–I love you; I bless you; I thank you.

  • Hi Robert,

    Thank you. I have got the ebook and going thru and felt lot of clarity in how one should go about in life. I have been reading Zerolimits by Joe and felt unsatisfied somewhere but got clarity when I read your book. I was going thru the official website and they mentioned that teachings are not effective if instructors are not authoirized from them. I like to understand your comment on the same.

    Good wishes

    • Dear Sharma,
      No one has a license to teach this. I have a program called Return to Zeropoint, and it is as it was given to me by my spiritual guides. They are not bound or obligated to anyone for anything, except to Source. A guide has an innate desire to help humanity, to do it with honesty, truth and integrity. That is, what I truly believe, is the gift my guides have passed through me to the world. I only wish that Zerolimits would have as much integrity as my guides, and teach a true and honest approach to Ho’oponopono. To date, the program outlined in my book has helped many hundreds if not thousands of people to heal their own lives. I wish Dr. Vitale well, but have no interest in becoming certified by him or Dr. Hew Len. I do what I do for the love of humanity. It is my intent to try to make a better world. I will say that I began by trying to read their book, and my guides stopped me and psychically gave me the book you have read. In my life, it was my first recognizable psychic event. So, in effect, I am not certain what they teach, nor am I in judgement, nor in any way infringing upon their program. They do not own Ho’oponopono, as it was a gift handed to humanity so very long ago, and it is actually impossible to trace the real origins of the craft. I wish you a healing and hope you will share the wisdom with others. Namaste

  • Dear Robert,

    What is the difference between EFT and Hopononpono? Can you kindly let me know pl?

    • Hello Sharma,
      Ho’oponopono reaches beyond this moment and eases the complexity of your future reality. It also fully neutralizes negative emotions. EFT is a wonderful practice with practical applications. It can help you to gain control of your fears, but it cannot work as deeply and as fully as does Ho’oponopono, which uses the powers of your soul and your Creator. The effect is beyond far reaching. It is the fullest method of resolution known thus far.

  • Hello, I was wondering if there’s a gray area when it comes to cleaning, or is it all or nothing. Here’s an example of what I mean. It’s lunchtime and I’m at work. I’m a writer so during work I can’t think the mantra (at least not yet) while I’m writing and editing. During lunchtime, though, I clean on a problem but I don’t feel neutral yet. Then I have to get back to work and can’t return to cleaning until later. Maybe I can slip in a little here and there during work, but still don’t feel neutral. So, I’m home later on and it’s evening and I have all evening to clean on the problem. Did I gain any ground at all during lunch while cleaning on the problem but not getting to neutral? Or, once evening set in, rather than pick up where I left off during lunchtime — am I starting from scratch because I never got to neutral? Sometimes I don’t bother cleaning if I don’t think I have hours to focus on it to get to neutral, because some of my problems are taking me, literally hours to finally feel neutral about.

    • Hello Amy,
      Clearing and Cleaning with Ho’oponopono isn’t hard work. It’s easy. I suggest having a little conversation with your inner spirit once or twice. Ask it to pay attention to your work to improve your life with this methodology. Ask it to comply, to help you achieve your goal and increase your blessings. If you feel a blockage, clear and clean on your blockage. That can block healing if left in place.

      Once done, if your time is limited, use your mantra or 4 statements for the general problem or topic of disturbance. I use an example here: “I have a problem with a co-worker who is angry and disruptive.” Then you would use your statements on the basic problem. Once home, when time allow, you take the elements of emotion that your co-worker causes you to feel, write them down, and repeat the mantra while looking at your written emotions. You shouldn’t have to say the phrases more than ten times, maybe in serious cases twenty times, and then put it to rest. Give it time to extract the problem from your being, so to speak. Give it time to work for you. This is not tapping. Tapping will extract troublesome emotions rapidly and efficiently, but then that is the end of what the tapping will do for you. With Ho’oponopono, much more deep dynamics are at work. The emotions will heal, the reality shifts, for you and for others involved in the scenario. That is the “magic” of Ho’oponopono. It heals you, and just like a cut on your skin, it takes a little time to heal, but it heals well and will change the reality for once and for all. There won’t be a backslide problem created. In deeply rooted problems, it can take days or even up to two weeks, but again, as I stated, it makes a huge difference. Give it a good try. I hope you remain focused on the tool, as it is a great gift from beyond this plane. Let me know how you do. I am genuinely interested.

      • Thank you for your quick and thoughtful reply. Rest assured that I know it isn’t hard work once one understands it clearly. I sense that when those of us appear to be over-analyzing or “making it harder than it has to be,” with all our questions, we just haven’t been given instructions that our minds fully interpret completely, even if for others, those same instructions were sufficient. According to the unique static and clutter we have in our own minds, one instruction book meant for the general population won’t be sufficient for everyone to understand the process clearly. (Although even that can be cleaned and cleared eventually). Now, though, sentences and instructions can be interpreted in many different ways. So we need to ask clarity questions according to our own clutter until we arrive. Thank you for providing that service and for honoring the journey towards enough clarity that we arrive at the place of its simplicity. From your helpful reply above, I’m getting that it is helpful to do cleaning even if that particular session very brief and doesn’t lead to the final sense of neutrality. Please advise if I interpreted you incorrectly.

  • May I also ask for a real life (even if made up) example of clearing a blockage? You stated above to clean on a blockage. I don’t know what the symptom of a blockage would be and if I have any, do we need to know what they are? If so, if we need to know exactly what the blockage is before we can heal, then I’m right back to all the other forms of healing the mind from Reiki to EFT that state the process won’t work if we have a blockage, but we have to know exactly what the blockage is to heal it, and yet there’s a blockage to knowing what the blockage is, so there appears to be no way to heal.

    If we (hopefully) don’t need to know the exact blockage per se is, but sense we might have one, can we then focus on the emotion the blockage and clean? For example,

    “Apparent blockage to healing my fear about money — causes frustration. So to the frustration — I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you.”

    In conclusion, if we don’t know what the blockage is but sense we might have one, may we just clean on the emotion caused by the possible unknown blockage?

    • Amy, if a problem doesn’t seem to clear, it is blocked. That’s as simple as I can put it. If I am always in a whirlwind about not having enough money, and I continue to clean on it, and it doesn’t change, then that indicates a blockage. At this point, I would do a self-analysis. Maybe it’s my perspective about money, or perhaps it’s a bad attitude I have about doing the type of work that I do, which provides my income stream. Perhaps I am always denied a raise in my pay is because I am perpetually late, or too many days off. There are 4 examples of a potential blockage. Maybe I can’t find a job, or don’t look hard enough, or don’t write a good resume. There are 3 more reasons that can be blocking me. Each one provides a different reason for not resolving my lack of money. Just clearing on the lack of money wouldn’t work. Look at the reasons that feed the problem you can’t seem to clear up. That will give you insights. I hope that this helps you gain some perspective on blockages. I really want you to progress, looking deeply into your life, finding issues that cause you pain. Use a notebook for clearing and cleaning. If money is your issue, go way back into your life, find all the issues that relate to money, and clear and clean them all, beginning with how your parents dealt with money. I love you; I thank you; I bless you.

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